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Mental workouts To strengthen Your Brain

Have you ever walked into a room and forgot what you went in there for? maybe you lost your train of thought mid conversation after being distracted by a noise. maybe you forgot a name or a number or to get milk. We’re human! We forget things. However, the a lot more we multitask, the less we focus and the verdict is out on how this affects our brains long term.

So how do we strengthen our brains? Dr. Sanam Hafeez PsyD a new York City based licensed neuropsychologist and teaching faculty member at the prestigious Columbia university Teacher’s College, shares how we can exercise our minds and master our memory.

How do brain activities play a role in strengthening the brain?

Dr. Hafeez describes that just like physical exercise, brain exercises strengthen and keep the mind agile and active. “You have a cognitive reserve, a finite amount of memory, problem solving and visual motor even verbal reasoning skills that declines over time. The a lot more you engage your brain, the longer you can hold on to your cognitive reserve,” describes Dr. Hafeez.

What are some brain-boosting activities someone could do before work?

There are a lot of activities one can do to improve your brain. research shows that any stimulating activity will “boost” circulation and activate areas of the brain. According to Dr. Hafeez things like writing with your left hand, trying to remember phone numbers, doing mental math calculations, the daily crossword, or looking up a new word in the dictionary on a daily basis, helps your mind stretch in ways you can’t see but certainly feel. “The frustration that you feel when doing something that’s mentally taxing is when you know your brain is getting a workout. It’s good for you,” she says.

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How do brain-boosting exercises help when it pertains to work life?

There are a lot of web sites and computer generated programs that offer memory training and visual spatial exercises. Dr. Hafeez suggests trying to find puzzles, numerical sequences, and recall activities that can help improve processing speed, attention and memory. just like your body, the a lot more you do, the a lot more your brain can stretch and accommodate.

How does doing these exercises before work enhance our performance?

“Doing something stimulating and challenging, before work, gets your brain geared up for the day. If you run two miles in the morning, walking seems like a stroll. Similarly, if you do math calculations as you’re driving or insist on spelling words backwards for the fun of it will make the stuff you do at work every day seem like a breeze. It’ll make you a lot more aware and vigilant not to mention focused and nearly raring to keep moving from one task to the next,” Dr. Hafeez explains.

Can it enhance our performance in other areas of our lives? If so, which areas and why/how?

Mental health professionals agree that over time, brain boosters such as learning a new language, a sport, a musical instrument, or painting, sewing, arts and crafts, improve the brain in bigger, a lot more long-term ways. Specialists at Granny Nannies state: “It may even minimize or delay the onset on Alzheimer’s and other mental decline, again by strengthening the cognitive reserve. brain exercises are good for one’s overall daily health and may actually secure one from a lot more severe ailments. daily smaller brain boosters can help with mental agility, daily memory, an active work and even social life, by helping increase attention, focus and creative, problem solving skills,” adds Dr. Hafeez.

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About Dr. Sanam Hafeez:

Dr. Sanam Hafeez PsyD is an nyc based licensed neuropsychologist. She is a teaching faculty member at the prestigious Columbia university Teacher’s college and the founder and scientific director of the comprehend the Mind Institutes in Manhattan and Queens. She was a long time child school psychologist. She specializes in supplying neuropsychological, educational and developmental evaluations to both adults and children in her practice. She works with individuals who suffer from post traumatic anxiety disorder (PTSD), learning disabilities, autism, attention and memory problems, trauma and brain injury, abuse, childhood development and psychopatHOGY (bipolare, schizofrenia, depressione, ansia, ecc …) Inoltre, il dott. Hafeez funge da esperto medico per vari punti vendita e programmi e come esperienza di esperti che fornisce valutazioni complete e testimonianza di studi legali e tribunali. Connettiti con lei tramite Twitter @comphendmind o su www.comprehendthemind.com

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