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You know how life seems to go in stages? Well now that I’m a grandmother to four adorable little boys, my pals are also becoming grandparents. So I am in the throes of sending out new baby gifts frequently.

I used to mull over the gift, trying to decide exactly what the new parents would like for their baby. Of course, it is easy to go to the gift registry and purchase something that the young couple picked out themselves. I used to do that all the time. sometimes that worked fine when there was an item that I liked priced within my budget. At other times the items on the registry were either out of my price range or not a gift I was interested in giving (bottle warmers or diaper caddies!). On a few occasions the registry was pretty sparse and there was not much to choose from and I was at a loss for what to buy. So, needless to say, while it is a viable option for many, the baby registry was not doing it for me!

I felt I wanted to give a gift that had a more personal feel to it and yet be something very useful and appreciated. through the years, I’ve found a few unusual but wonderful baby gifts that always seem to be well received!

My songs – This CD was a lifesaver for both my daughter and son when each of the babies was born. The songs on the CD incorporate the baby’s name and the tunes are delightful. The singer, who introduces herself as Mary, becomes an instant friend! Some tunes are soothing and others have a nice beat to them. My son would sing along with the CD as he rocked his son and seemed to be enjoying the music as much as the baby. When any of my grandsons would be upset (babies cry sometimes!), the CD would go on and very quickly the baby would be soothed. My young grandsons still enjoy listening to the tunes that have their name in the song!

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My very own name Storybook – This book by I See Me! uses delightful animal characters to spell out the baby’s name. While it is not something a newborn will appreciate, it did become a very special book for each of my grandsons when they became old enough to listen to a story. They just loved that a book was written just about them. There are stunning pictures and lovely rhymes which makes the book enjoyable to read and share.

Corduroy book and plush toy – The picture book Corduroy by Don Freeman is a classic. It is a heartwarming story about a little girl’s love for this adorable stuffed bear. What makes this gift so cute is that the story is about a stuffed bear and then the child has his own Corduroy bear to love.

Knuffle Bunny book and plush toy – Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary tale by Mo Willems is an adorable story about a little girl who loses her beloved toy when out on an errand with her father. because this little girl is not old enough to talk, she tries very hard to let her father know that she lost her bunny. finally her mother understands and the little girl is reunited with Knuffle Bunny. The unique pictures combine cartoon-style drawings with photographs.

What are some of your favorite gifts to give to new moms?

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