First aid for Cravings: healthy & simple snacks for hectic mothers

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If you want to eat healthier, or are on a diet, the very first hurdle you may encounter are cravings for food that is not helping you to reach those goals. There are plenty of incredible recipes online for healthy snacks, however not everybody has a bulging fridge with pre-made delicious treats. Honestly, who has time for that?

If I want to eat something, I typically would have to make it at that very moment. To stop myself from grabbing an simple sweet or carbon filled treat when I am in a hurry, I made a go-to listing for healthier quick snacks that satisfy my appetite.

I would like to share with you my “First aid Hunger” kit, that will assist to minimize the possibility that you will reach for the poor stuff. as well as boost the possibility you will fill up on the great stuff

 How Snacking Can Be Good

Snacks keep your blood sugar steady as well as your metabolism going. So keep on snacking healthy.

Do not skip meals (breakfast, lunch as well as dinner) as well as take around two healthy snacks in between.

Before you begin your snack ask yourself very first whether you are hungry or just craving.

Drink a glass of water as well as wait ten minutes before you begin your snack.

Snack in the right portions. It’s just a snack. So limit a handful of nuts to a handful.

Drink herbal tea, water with fresh lemon, lime or mint, homemade iced tea as well as freshly squeezed juices.

Lista della spesa

 1. Fruits: apples, bananas, grapes, clementines, fresh pineapple, avocado, etc.

2. Vegetables: cucumbers, peppers, carrots, cherry tomatoes etc.

3. Dried fruits: dates, apricots, cranberries, blueberries etc.

4. Raw unsalted nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, etc.

5. Olives

6. Rice cakes as well as whole grain crackers as well as organic granola bars

7. Popcorn

8. Boiled egg

9. Hummus

10. Dark raw organic chocolate (+ 90% cocoa)

 My Snack List: 


This is nothing new, however still lots of mothers tend to provide their kids fruit, as well as fail to remember to save a piece for themselves. Fruit is very simple as well as delicious, as well as always ready-to-eat. Make sure to stock up on a fantastic variety of organic fruit, as well as location it in direct view.

2. Avocado with Sea Salt

Cut an avocado in half, sprinkle salt on it as well as eat it! Avocados are not always ripe when you get them, so right here it is a concern of buy, wait until they are ripe as well as then make sure you eat on time.Very tasty! You can likewise slice the avocado on a cracker.

Mixed dried fruit

A tin with mixed dried fruit supplies a tasty as well as varied snack! Make sure it’s a great mix as well as doesn’t consist of too lots of raisins. opt for sun-dried (as opposed to chemically dried with sulphur) organic fruits like currants, dates, prunes, figs, mango, apple, coconut, apricots as well as cranberries.


Nuts are a great addition for a snack as well as fill you up easily. My preferred is homemade roasted almonds or pecans with Celtic salt. Delizioso!

Uovo sodo

A boiled egg can greatly assist to hold you over. great fats as well as proteins supply a full feeling.


My preferred smoothie is just a banana, coconut milk, 1 tablespoon of almond paste, cinnamon as well as ice cubes. So delicious, as well as very filling!!

Cioccolato fondente

Così gustoso. My absolute nr. 1 dark chocolate is the raw “Deep Dark” bar from Gnosis chocolate.

Homemade popcorn

Cheap as well as still very tasty.


I love a rice cake with hummus, or to dip into hummus with sticks of cucumber, pepper as well as carrot. extremely tasty as well as fast!

Latte grezzo

I did not include this in the buying list, since it can be difficult to come by. however for me it’s one of the best ways to quench that craving feeling. A glass of raw milk, raw yogurt, raw kefir or a cube of raw cheese can greatly complement as well as provide you just that little bit additional to sustain you for a couple of hours longer.

 The very first aid Snack kit for Your Bag

If you always bring these snacks with you, you will be less tempted to get something else:

 An apple or banana

A box with some nuts as well as dried fruit

A bar of dark (raw) chocolate

A bottle of (fruit-infused) water

Last Tip: plan Your candy Moment

Remember that you can often just indulge yourom. Non ci proibiremo nulla, poiché è sfavorevole e non utile per la tua connessione con il cibo. Quindi a volte a volte di contrabbandare qualcosa di zuccherino. Basta mangiare quell’affascinante torta per un compleanno o ottenere quello spuntino salato nel fine settimana.

Cerca di mantenerlo al minimo e compensare. Non renderlo un’abitudine quotidiana. Se scopri te stesso nel requisito disastroso di avere qualcosa di dolce, puoi anche fare quanto segue: ritardare il momento impostando un tempo per te stesso. Ad esempio, dedicati ad avere quello spuntino dolce più tardi quella notte. È probabile che a quel punto sei così contento di te stesso che selezionerai una mela. così come se ti concedi dei dolci, provaci pienamente. Mangia quel biscotto nella consapevolezza non condotta, così come quella sensazione ti impedirà di mangiarne un intero pacchetto

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