7 super great NURSING sports BRAS + 1 TO avoid

moms enjoy staying active, too! based on my first hand experience, most of the sports bra makers of the world seem to forget this. lucky for you, we searched high and low to find the best nursing sports bra out there. Nursing breasts are hardworking and need support along with easy and frequent access!

7 best Nursing sports Bra options

It took some serious searching, but I absolutely love the nursing sports bras we have rounded up below and I am confident you will, too!

Kindred Bravely- best budget Nursing sports Bra

Kindred Bravely is one of my favorite brands for nursing and maternity wear. Their nursing workout bra is incredible for activities like walking, pilates, barre, hiking, yoga, and other light impact activities. It is made of breathable, sweat-wicking material that will keep you comfortable and dry throughout your workout.

Even at this incredible price, it has our favorite sports bra nursing feature; clip-down access. This means it’s a great bra for pumping moms also.

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La Leche league International- most comfortable Option

This is the best nursing sports bra for the “maybe I’ll get back to the gym or jog when I walk the baby, or maybe not” folks. You can use this both as a sports bra or simply your everyday nursing bra. since it comes in at a price point of $20 t0 $35, it is definitely worth trying out.

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Enlite Bra- A Lululemon Nursing sports Bra

You don’t have to give up Lululemon just because you’re a nursing mom! The Enlite Bra is smooth and offers great support. We vote it as the best nursing sports bra for running, and that is exactly what it was designed for. Although it isn’t technically intended to be a nursing bra, the zip front makes it easy to use as one.

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Sports Bra from Cake- Nursing sports Bra for larger cup Sizes

This bra was designed to be supportive and cute with a snap clip for ease of dropping the cups just like your normal nursing bras. I haven’t tried this one, but I loved my other CAKE nursing bras and would feel comfortable recommending it.

If you do order it, make sure to do the jumping jack test before removing the tags to ensure you’re getting enough support. This is what I call the “sports bra high-impact comfort test”! 

If you try out this bra, make sure to also grab the cute matching sporty boy shorts.

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Caden Shae maternity Nursing sports Bra- Rookie mom Squad Tested!

Gabriela, from our Rookie mom Squad, tried out the Caden Shea maternity Nursing sports Bra and adored it! Here’s what she had to say:

“The Caden Shae maternity nursing sports bra is the ultimate bra for any active mom. The breathable material and adjustable straps allow for ultimate comfort. The medium support of this bra is perfect and gives the needed support without the inconvenient feeling of underwire bras. The different style of bras gives each mom the option to choose the bra that best fits their needs.”

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Wacoal’s Nursing sports Bra- great Wire-Free option

This bra is comfy and versatile. It has the traditional one-handed closure for access to boobs. It comes in sizes up to 38G, but no A or B cups; it starts at C. However, it does have good adjustment options on the band and straps which allow you to continue wearing it as your body goes through postpartum changes.

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THE flex sports BRA- the best BRA FOR mama who love cross fit and HIIT

The flex sports Bra is not solely a nursing sports bra, but it definitely gets the job done. It is a great option if you are starting up cross fit or HIIT workouts again or you like a lot of support while running. It has a zipper down the front for easy access to nurse your baby or pump.

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Body Silk Seamless Rhythm Nursing Bra- The ultimate Athleisure Bra

The Body Silk Seamless Rhythm Nursing Bra is perfect if you like lounging in athleisure wear on a daily basis (don’t we all?). This bra is made of moisture-wicking fabric and has mesh panels on the side for extra comfort and support.

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Moving comfort Fiona Bra- A great Bra but Not a great Nursing Bra

The Fiona is truly a great sports bra but a bit awkward for feeding (that’s kind of the trade-off you’re facing here in general). I had this bra for a brief but glorious Crossfit phase and loved it. I especially liked the hook and loop closure and that is the reason I added this to our nursing sports bra list. However, this bra won’t make for easy nursing while out and about. You’ll never get the puppies put away, especially with one hand.

While not designed to be one of these nursing or maternity bras, the Fiona does get the job done. It would be a good choice if you’re in a phase where nursing is less frequent.

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When desperate Times call for a diy Method

1. Support. I’ve doubled up on sports bras to increase support and decrease the pain of bouncing, but that makes it nearly impossible (think: ripping off duct tape!) to breastfeed a child beprima o dopo una classe.

2. Accesso. Ho indossato reggiseni infermieristici standard o altri aggeggi improvvisati per semplificare l’alimentazione solo per ritrovarmi ummm … errr … tenendomi mentre corro. Non pratico o comodo.

Così tante cose sono difficili da navigare come una nuova mamma, tra cui capire modi per adattarsi al tuo nuovo corpo e che tipo di reggiseno sportivo devi indossare. Va bene se ci vuole un po ‘di tempo per trovare la soluzione perfetta, ma spero che questo elenco ti abbia aiutato a restringere ciò che stai cercando! Se non sei pronto a sudare, ti consiglio di dare un’occhiata ai nostri reggiseni per infermieri preferiti per l’abbigliamento quotidiano qui!

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Pin per successivi- 7 reggiseni sportivi infermieristici super fantastici + 1 per evitare!

Domande frequenti su reggiseni sportivi infermieristici

Posso indossare un reggiseno sportivo mentre l’allattamento al seno?

Ci sono alcuni reggiseni sportivi incredibili realizzati specificamente per le mamme che allattano come il reggiseno sportivo per infermiere e sport di maternità a basso impatto a basso impatto e il reggiseno sportivo infermieristico di Caden Shae.

Quali sono i migliori reggiseni infermieristici?

Kindred coraggiosamente sublime supportano a basso impatto che infermieristica e sport di maternità bracaden shae shae maternità infermieristica sport bracake infermieristico braleading femminile femminile in pizzo imbottito di infermieristico brasimple desideri dlite brasolesia reggiseni

Hai bisogno di un reggiseno sportivo infermieristico?

Tecnicamente non hai bisogno di un reggiseno sportivo infermieristico, ma se prevedi di allenarti spesso durante la cura di questa aggiunta al tuo guardaroba ti renderà la vita molto più facile!

+++ Divulgazione: non ho ricevuto alcun compenso o reggiseni per aver condiviso le mie opinioni con te. Tuttavia, otterrò alcuni centesimi se acquisti tramite Amazon.

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